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The Price for Epi-Lasik/Lasek or Lasik Operation?

Our standard treatment is Wavefront optimized and aspherical

What price does Lasik-Klinikken offer for a laser operation for Myopi, Hyperopia and Astigmatism with Epi-Lasik/Lasek or Lasik.

– The price of an operation is DKK 9.500 per eye
– Students pay only DKK 6.000 per eye *

*The student discount is only for myopia – not hyperopia.

The pre-examination which is a very professional pre-examination made by the Eye Specialist is free of charge. This pre-examination is very carefully made and it takes at least one hour for this examination which will give you a reply to all your questions. The Pre-op-examination is free of charge.

At Lasik-Klinikken all necessary check-ups and post operational examinations the first 6 months after the eye operation are free of charge. Click for a loan to finance your Eye Operation – apply here.

Please use our contact form and send us an e-mail with your contact details and get more information of what we can do for your sight with Epi-lasik, Lasek or Lasik.

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